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Episode 13

February 11th, 2022|Podcast

Marlon has an established track record of creating effective coalitions, including passing the largest sealing expansion law in […]

Episode 12

February 2nd, 2022|Podcast

Guy Hamilton-Smith is a 2019 JustLeadershipUSA fellow, civil rights activist, and a writer. Most recently, he was the legal […]

Episode 11

January 16th, 2022|Podcast

Artie Gonzales went from a life sentence, including 8 straight years at the infamous Pelican Bay super max, […]

Episode 10

January 16th, 2022|Podcast

Brian Koehn spent 28 years in the private prison industry with a reputation as a “fixer.” But during […]

Dialo Orr headshot

Episode 9

July 9th, 2021|Podcast

Dialo Orr has been incarcerated for 25 years on a 100+ year sentence. His journey from angry […]

Episode 8

July 1st, 2021|Podcast

As an experienced civil rights lawyer and long-time humanizer, Janos Marton is an influential and respected […]

David Carlson headshot

Episode 7

June 24th, 2021|Podcast

David Carlson fought in the military, spent time in prison, and has significant experience as a […]

Dawn Barnette & Carmen Pitre

Episode 6

May 27th, 2021|Podcast

Dawn Barnett of Running Rebels and Carmen Pitre of the Sojourner Truth House are shining examples […]

Dr. Darren Wheelock

Episode 5

May 20th, 2021|Podcast

Dr. Darren Wheelock is, among other things, a criminal justice professor at Marquette University who has […]

Daniel Forkkio headshot

Episode 4

May 13th, 2021|Podcast

Daniel Forkkio is the CEO of Represent Justice, whose mission is to turn stories into action […]

Roy Rogers headshot

Episode 3

April 29th, 2021|Podcast

This week we talk to Roy Rogers. Roy is what’s known as a j-lifer because he […]

Jean Delonget headsot

Episode 2

April 20th, 2021|Podcast

Jean Delonget This week we talk to Jean Delonget, who has achieved numerous things while serving […]

Scott Budnick headshot

Episode 1

April 1st, 2021|Podcast

Scott Budnick, the producer and financier of Just Mercy (and the director of the Hangover) speaks […]