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All In All Out Podcast

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Bringing the system-impacted community and society closer together.


All In, All Out focuses on:

1) Promoting greater communication and collaboration in reentry/reform/decarceration efforts in Wisconsin

2) Showcasing the successes, humanity, and agency of people with criminal records.

All In, All Out is produced in partnership with The Community, the Wisconsin Decarceration Platform, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering. We are part of a small community of podcast/radio shows in Wisconsin working to correct the narrative about the justice system and how we can better bring about a justice system more worthy of that name.

Shannon Ross in the studio

Shannon Ross was born and raised on Milwaukee’s north side, where he received a 17 year prison sentence for a violent crime when he was 19. Over the course of his incarceration, he acquired his bachelors degree in business administration, created and ran a mental health program in the prison, had several articles published locally and nationally, and created The Community, which employs deep in-reach and outreach to help bring society and the system-impacted community exactly where they need each other to be.
Being racially ambiguous and naturally curious about ideas and conflict, he has become very comfortable and committed to being an intermediary between opposing sides and ideologies.
Since his release September 2020, Shannon is also a graduate student at UW-Milwaukee, an ambassador with Represent Justice, co-owner of Paradigm Shyft: Reentry Strategies and Consulting (“elevating afterthoughts and bottom lines”), co-owner of D’s Trucks (a trucking company and mobile advertising agency committed to hiring/training system impacted people), and a grateful first-time-father.

All In All Out Podcast

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